Success Stories

Imagine Success Story (Feb 17, 2023):

We successfully executed a custom hydrocracker simulation project for one of the world’s largest refinery complex in Europe. The multinational company that owns the refinery is very pleased with the professional execution of the project.

Here is our little success story…

It all started in the first half of the year 2021. We were invited for a bid for their hydrocracker simulation project based on their initial assessment of our capabilities. We passed their internal technical scrutiny in flying colours. The client was very happy with our overall simulation expertise and combined experience level of our technical staff. The project was awarded to us in September 2021 with a timeline of 10 months to complete the project from kick-off to final sign-off.

We circumvented the pandemic imposed travel restrictions and devised a remote way of executing the project. The entire project was commissioned remotely including the critical project phase tests such as Model Acceptance Test, Factory Acceptance Test, and Site Acceptance Test. Meetings and trainings with all the stake holders, both from the client side and our side, were conducted virtually. All data exchanges were conducted online in a safe and secure manner.

With the diligent effort of our team and great cooperation from our client, we successfully executed the project in the given time period despite all the constraints. Our success is as much a success for the client, for they have a good product for meeting their long-term training objectives.

We invite you to be a part of our future success stories….your success is our success too.