Skilling Workforce

Skilling workforce to the various demands of plant operation is a difficult task. It requires proper planning and execution due to a constant change in the workforce. Many plants have ageing workforce that undergo replacement. Rapid training of the new workforce is required. Also, operating personnel may have to be moved from one unit to another as part of career planning and growth. In this case, retraining of experienced personnel is required.

Operators / technicians are the key hand-on people in plant operations. Their performance has a direct bearing on the plant safety and performance. The individual performance depends on their knowledge and skills. Good knowledge and understanding of the process concepts, together with hands-on operations training, helps in becoming a good operator. As a standard practice, senior or experienced operators provide training to the next-gen by sharing their knowledge gained over the years. However, all situation training cannot be imparted by seniors alone, and that’s where we step in. Imagine’s suite of knowledge courses are an ideal tool to provide the requisite knowledge as first steps in workforce skilling. Our interactive tutorials with 3D animations, make it easy to understand the basic concepts. Any knowledge course when complemented with hands-on practical training will be a significant boost in workforce skilling. Imagine’s real-time process simulator is an ideal tool to provide such hands-on operations training.