Process Concepts Tutorials

Tutorials (Pre-built)

Imagine Simulation Technologies offers generic or pre-built tutorials for most process fundamentals. These tutorials are designed by our team with extensive experience in concept training. The rich content and interesting presentation offer high training value.

Off the Shelf Tutorial Products

  • Self-paced tutorials for most common unit operations such as pumps, valves, heat exchangers, etc.

  • Concepts presented with high quality 3-D animation

  • Content developed by process experts

  • Ideal for entry level operators and engineers

  • Integrated learning management system with evaluation

  • Ability to customize

  • Multiple language choices

  • Delivery options: On-Premises or Cloud


  • Heat Exchangers

  • Pumps

  • Valves

  • ..........

Process Fundamentals

  • Chemical Processes

  • Physical Processes

  • Steam in Process Industry

  • ..........

Plant Safety & Maintenance

  • Chemical Process Safety

  • Plant Monitoring and Maintenance

  • ..........

Customer Advantage

  • High quality content making learning enjoyable

  • Extensive catalogue of processes & process equipment

  • 3-D visualization makes understanding the equipment and its internals easy

  • Industrial focus and content presented from field engineer’s perspective

  • Self-paced and round the clock availability makes for flexible training schedule

  • Instant testing to validate the knowledge gained

Cost Benefit

Saving Time

Self-paced – can choose the topics of interest and be selective and focused

Reduced Administrative Effort

Automated performance tracking and grading for a group of users

Improved Operator Efficiency

Good understanding of the equipment and their functioning.

Reduced Downtime and Failures

Knowledgeable operator can better control the process reducing wastage, minimize failures, etc. leading to significant savings in the long run

Tutorials (Customized)

Imagine Simulation Technologies with its rich experience in tutorial content and product development, extends their services to develop customer specific tutorials on topics with contents that are unique to them. These can be customization of pre-built tutorials or entirely built to customer’s specification. These are delivered in our easy to administer learning management platform.

Custom Tutorial Products

  • Tutorials built to client’s needs and processes

  • Collaborative script development

  • Integration of existing training content

  • Inclusion of plant specific visuals – DCS screens & plant videos

Here is an example of a semi-customized tutorial with suggestions on customization

  • Consider the Heat Exchanger tutorial as the starting point and customize to your site.

  • In the various exchanger types, add the pictures or video of the relevant exchanger from your plant.

  • If useful, add the equipment tag names to the visuals already present, so that the user can easily associate with them.

Add sections on plant specific topics such as

  • Safety

  • Maintenance (preventive and breakdown)

  • Process control on the particular equipment

  • Case studies based on past site events

Customer Advantage

  • Custom developed products blend with the off-the-shelf modules adapting a consistent user interface and testing methodology

  • It is open-ended – add modules as the need arises

  • Expand off-the-shelf modules with customized content, providing high flexibility

  • Convert archaic training material of high learning value into tutorial modules and integrate as part of the custom tutorial

  • To get the feel of their workplace, integrate videos and other visuals from the plant

Custom Products: Cost Benefit

Lower Maintenance Cost

Integrates all training material into a set of custom tutorials

Investment Protected

Adapts easily to changing plant configuration

Lower Costs

Inclusion of videos and 3-D animations cuts down field training time